Friday, May 05, 2006

Lucky Numbers...

To continue on a theme, if I'm lucky enough to have two hours a day to dedicate towards writing a novel, what does that mean? At 1-1.5k words per day, it should take me three months to complete a market length novel at around 90k words (I saw another source on this but it is buried somewhere in Anna Louise's prior blog entries).

I'm not so lucky to get those two hours every day, or get inspired for 1-1.5k every day, so let's say 4 months. And let's assume I get it publication ready after another 4 months. And let's say I get an agent interested at some point within the next 6 months. Who get's a publisher interested, who can get it by the house sales, marketing, and pr staff in the following 3 months. And said publisher gets the book printed and distributed after another 18 months.

So, about 3 years. If I'm lucky.

Why did I quit my day job?


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