Monday, July 24, 2006

Dash, Dot, Dot ...

I don't get writer's block. Is that too proud to say? Putting words on the page isn't the problem. It's getting the butt in the chair that can be difficult. And once in the chair, getting started. The words are ready, but apparently I'm not.

The web site 43 Folders has a lot of tips on managing work and managing time. This one suggests a method to alternate a flurry of work with short breaks.

I had done that during National Novel Writing Month, writing off the top of my head for ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. That was spurred on by others posting on the forum, saying "How did you do?", "How much did you write?", "Let's go again!".

I'm trying it now on my own. Works well, and eventually I get sidetracked with the work and forget to take the breaks. Just a matter of getting started.


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