Monday, July 03, 2006

FY, Aye ...

  July starts the new fiscal year.  Any new start (1st of the month, January 1st, or even Monday) is a good excuse to own up to the past, shake it off, and try harder going forward.

  The previous fiscal year started in March (when I threw off the shackles of my night job), so there is not much to report.  Despite some failures, the outlook for FY07 is promising.

Stories Submitted: 4
  Productivity was not stellar.  Still, the work was put out there.  One mainstream, one SF, and one flash fiction stories are still in limbo, waiting for the first verdict.  One SF piece has been rejected 8 times, but is on the road for the ninth time.  As Heinlein said, "You must keep it on the market until sold."

Contests Entered/Won: 2/1
  50% return is great.  I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Novels Completed: 0
  Disappointing, but solid work was done and the future looks bright.

  • I thought I could get at least one thing published.  Turned out to be the contest entry.
  • Another goal was to get a short story accepted.  Failure there.
  • Finally, there was the 100 hours in June challenge.  Failed miserably, putting in only 50 hours.  However, it was a good lesson.

1st Quarter Goals:
  The theme is to focus on what I can control.  One mistake in the prior quarter was to have a goal of getting a story accepted.  Short of self-publishing, I can't accomplish that directly.  With that in mind, the following are the expectations for 7/1 - 9/30/2006.
  • Have 12 stories out for submissions.  Requires writing 3 more flash fiction, and 5 more short stories.
  • Complete SF novel.  It has good bones but needs a lot more meat on them.  Backstory, world building, and research are required, plus about 50k+ words.
  • Consistently post on blogs (own and others) and critique work of others.  Online distractions need to be limited.
  • Keep up with Two Year Novel class assignments.

  Is that all?  ;-)  


Blogger Cheryl said...

What is it about the first of a month that makes us re-evaluate? I did the same thing, wrote down my goals (intentions) for the rest of 2006. Pretty lofty, two revisions and three new novels, with December reserved for revising the YA I've got planned for NaNo. Yeah, gonna let LuLu print it for me, and give it to my son. I wonder how that will feel, having a real bound book in my hands that I wrote? I'll probably be a monster after that..."Get your own dinner! Mommy's writing a book!"

Good luck with meeting your goals! I agree, all we can control is the writing and submitting.

July 4, 2006 at 10:30 AM  
Blogger Todd Wheeler said...

Beginnings are important, cycle of seasons, life, etc. Either that or the fact that our paychecks arrive at the end of the month. ;-)

Not that I get a paycheck anymore. :-(

Nice idea about LuLu. That would make a great birthday/holiday gift.

July 6, 2006 at 5:25 AM  

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