Monday, August 21, 2006

Bass Ackwards ...

Working backwards has been helpful lately. I have an unfinished SF novel. It was written without any outline, planning, character sketches, etc. I recently completed all that background info and now think I have a chance of getting it up to 80-90k words.

Also editing a short story. Editing is torture for me. This time I started with the last page and went through the story in reverse. That way I wouldn't stop after 5-6 pages in the beginning, which I've seen so many times I could probably rewrite them from memory. This reverse editing worked well.

Now if I could only put the clock in reverse ...


Blogger Cheryl said...

I love editing short stories. Novels? I'll admit it, they scare me. I'm going to send Interlaken through the Crapometer at Miss Snark's, though. It's *mostly* edited, and probably a trunk novel (since it's my first), but what the hey? Let's see if I can write a query and a good first page.

Did you see the start of Erasable at Evil Editor? Hawkowl commented on it, if only to point out that the Arctic Ocean is white or gray and that the girl must have cataracts!

So how do I say "icy blue" without saying icy blue? Or should I just stick with icy blue? See, so many things to think about!

Glad you found a way to work that works for you!

August 22, 2006 at 9:21 PM  
Blogger Todd Wheeler said...

"Trunk novel". I like it. Better than crappy first book.

I checked out Evil Editor. Yikes! You have to have a thick skin to post there, eh?

Icy blue sounds good to me.

August 23, 2006 at 5:19 AM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Dare starts at midnight. I outed our challenge on my blog. You ready?

August 27, 2006 at 3:34 PM  

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