Sunday, November 26, 2006

He's Making His List ...

Not much happening so I'll fall back on links. I don't need an agent at the moment. But, looking ahead, let's take a look at some resources. These are from "The Street Smart Writer" by Jenna Glatzer and Daniel Steven.

Agent Query: Very easy to get a list of agents by genre. Nice bio's listing prior book sales and authors represented.

Association of Author's Representatives: Less friendly search than above, bio less complete, but has photo's of some agents which is a nice touch.

Publishers Marketplace: Not as extensive a list of agents, but very nice prose bio, photos, etc.

Preditors and Editors: I had heard about this site for some time. Not very user friendly. Had to search by first name for the test agent name I was using. Good for warnings about bad agents.

Writer Beware: Better site for warnings, at least for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Hope this helps!


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